• New ‘House of Music’ Develops in Bologna, Italy

  • An ‘Embassy Of Italian Art’ Opens In Cold Spring, New York

  • i-Italy Expands Its Network To Four US Cities

  • Boston Public Library Returns Manuscripts to Italy

  • New York exhibit shows the work of Claudia Palmira

  • Milan Exhibition Spotlights New York City

  • Mayor of Lampedusa Receives 2017 UNESCO Prize

  • Casa Italiana Hosts Sustainable Fashion Panel

  • Renzo Piano Designs Columbia University Expansion

  • Gala Benefit Dinner Celebrates 40 years of La Scuola D’Italia

Cultural Diplomacy

The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. (IAF), established in 1947, is a non-for profit 501©(3), tax-exempt corporation that pursues a unique form of cultural diplomacy, presenting Italian realities to U.S. audiences.   What is cultural diplomacy ? The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. has adopted “cultural diplomacy” to describe its mission, referring to the staging of cultural events, art, musical and other programmes, together with the publication of materials, notably the Italian Journal,  that will present Italian realities –past and present–to US […]

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New ‘House of Music’ Develops in Bologna, Italy

The Music Society of Pieve and Music School in Bologna, Italy now boasts a collection of nine circular, pavilion-like buildings called the ‘house of music’ on its campus.  Set around a piazza, the buildings were designed to be a musical melting pot of sharing and practicing among students. The autonomy of each classroom allows for use of the space all day long. Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) designed these buildings to be individual elements that have the capability of synthesizing as […]

An ‘Embassy Of Italian Art’ Opens In Cold Spring, New York

Nancy Olnick may live in New York, but she embraces the Italian culture in all aspects of her life. Before she met her Sardininan- born husband Giorgio Spanu in 1989, Olnick collected 1960s Pop art. They took a mutual interest in the Arte Povera movement and began building their collection. This movement originated in Italy. It consists of artists creating artwork using the simplest and poorest of materials – dirt, rocks, branches and rags – to express provocative and sometimes political messages. Olnick describes […]

i-Italy Expands Its Network To Four US Cities

Editor in Chief of i-Italy magazine, Letizia Airos, has announced an expansion of the New York-based magazine of Italian events, affairs and culture to Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The media enterprise has expanded from their four year long history of covering the New York area only. The goal is a more satisfied, broader network. Philadelphia, Miami, and Chicago won’t be too far behind either. Airos acknowledges that the Embassy of Italy in Washington challenged them to […]

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