Gianluca Marziani is the new art columnist for Italian Journal

The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. is very pleased to announce that the Italian art critic Gianluca Marziani is the new curator of the Italian Journal’s Art Column. His expertise in visual arts and his talent in scouting and giving voice to the most avant-garde personalities in the Italian contemporary art scene, while keeping an eye to the intersections between art and other cultural fields, add great value to our publication.

Critic and curator based in Rome, Italy, Marziani is the artistic director of the Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive in Spoleto and the artistic director of the Rocco Guglielmo foundation. He is the curator of the Terna award and participates in the Rai5 television program “Personal Shopper”. For the IED Roma, he runs a visual arts program. He has curated many shows in both galleries and museums and is the author of two theoretical books and numerous catalogs. He writes about art for several media. His website is:

Laura Giacalone
contributing editor, Italian Journal


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