Marguetta Home Gallery presents Artists/Alternatives

Claudia Palmira. Landscape (via Margutta). 2018. Source:

Italian Academy Foundation vice chairman Claudia Palmira is among the artists featured in the upcoming show at Margutta Home on the street renowned for artists, via Margutta. Thirteen works from the artist’s Iconics series are included in the show that features works of diverse mediums of expression.

Claudia Palmira is well known for her “digital etchings.” In this unique medium, Palmira discovers a new form of iconography, that adapts classical works and combines them with poetry and colorful images and is printed on a large format acrylic. 

Elena Drommi hand paints fabrics, porcelain, kimonos, and decorative objects with floral imagery. Claudia Bellini creates keyhole sculptures by using computer rendering and silver- and gold-leaf appliquĂ©. Fabio Ferrone Viola crafts eco-conscious works by forming a base of recycled materials that he then paints onto with bright ideas. 

Margutta Home Gallery is an art and design gallery. The “Artists / Alternatives” show is debuting at an opening reception on February 22nd at 6:30 pm. The show continues through March 25, 2018. 

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-Lauren Spinelli 

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