La Scuola d’Italia Hosts 2015 Benefit Dinner

It was a record-breaking night for La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi, with over 500 guests celebrating the night’s theme “Building the Future Today”. John Michael Viola, President and Chief Operating Officer of NIAF, was honored. He praised the school for being the only school where a child can learn “not only the Italian language but they’ll learn the Italian life, the Italian soul, the Italian spirit.”

La Scuola is important for the Italian community and the culture of NYC as the only Italian bilingual and bicultural school in North America. The institution is looking to increase its enrollment from 300 to 500 students and construct a new building.

“La Scuola d’Italia, thanks to its chairman and its trustees, now is poised to take a giant leap forward for the values of education, for our Italian-American heritage. Masterful changes – not just change for change – but masterful changes to increase our brand and the influence and the education that we give. This will be a new capstone for the community.” said Dominic R. Massaro, Justice of the Bronx County Supreme Court, in an interview at the event.

 -Amanda Sztein