Milan Exhibition Spotlights New York City

An exhibition at the Museo del Novecento and the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan focuses on depictions of New York City through the eyes of Italian artists.

“New York New York. Italian Art: rediscovering America” features works by Italian artists who have used art to express their perception of the United States, and of New York City in particular. Some of the artists have lived in or traveled to New York, but others were simply inspired by their own visions of the Empire City.

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The exhibition features 150 pieces by artists of diverse styles, techniques, and mediums, but is comprised completely of modern artworks produced in the 20th century. Receiving special recognition is a project by Ugo Mulas, “New York: Art and People”, a three-year collaboration with American artists like Andy Warhol that captures Mulas’s interpretation of the city.

The exhibition is a partnership with Milan’s Electa Publishing House and will be open to the public through September 17.

-Maggie Utter

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