i-Italy Expands Its Network To Four US Cities

Editor in Chief of i-Italy magazine, Letizia Airos, has announced an expansion of the New York-based magazine of Italian events, affairs and culture to Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The media enterprise has expanded from their four year long history of covering the New York area only. The goal is a more satisfied, broader network.

Letizia Airos, Editor in Chief of i-Italy in the NYC office called La Casa di i-Italy. Courtesy of iitaly.org

Philadelphia, Miami, and Chicago won’t be too far behind either. Airos acknowledges that the Embassy of Italy in Washington challenged them to become a national magazine just a year ago and that it was a challenge she was excited to accept.

“The Italica way is a pluri-identity that doesn’t place an ultimatum on being Italian, American, French or Argentine,” says Piero Bassetti, an Italian entrepreneur, who believes it is necessary for the i-Italy magazine to flourish in other American cities.

“In the US, these Italici form a vibrant community,” says Airos. “Many of these millions of Italici may speak English, but they wear and eat Italian. Many have Italian relatives and ancestors. Many more simply love Italy and the Italian way of life. Communicating Italy abroad, especially in the US, is our job and our passion.”

i-Italy produces free-press magazines that can be found in Italian places in major cities in the United States. i-Italy magazines can likely be found at consulates, Italian Studies Departments, Eataly stores and art galleries that showcase Italian art and culture.

-Gracie DiFazio

The editorial team celebrates the expansion in the NYC office. Courtesy of iitaly.org
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