New York exhibit shows the work of Claudia Palmira

Selected works by Rome-based artist Claudia Palmira are on exhibit in her native New York City. The exhibit, titled “Icons/Poetics”, is showing at the Union League Club Gallery until May 31. Sixteen of Palmira’s mixed media, satin on acrylic prints are on view.

Palmira, also known as Vice Chairman of the Italian Academy Foundation and editor of its Italian Journal magazine, is a New Yorker who has lived and worked in Rome since 2006, creates mixed media paintings and digital collages. With her use of vibrant colors and unique mix of materials, she pays homage to Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque icons, but  juxtaposes the classical in a contemporary medium.

Angel (Fra Angelico), 2015. ©Claudia Palmira. Courtesy of

Palmira described her process as a transformation of the canvas, a process of adding and removing color, texture, and typography to evoke “a sense of the ephemeral”.

“Adding, taking away, embellishing, redefining – these are part of my creative process,” says Palmira. “I start with a blank canvas or screen and continuously place, remove, hide and rediscover imagery with paper, paint, adhesive – or, on the screen, with virtual painting, opacities and filters. ”

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-Maggie Utter

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