New ‘House of Music’ Develops in Bologna, Italy

The Music Society of Pieve and Music School in Bologna, Italy now boasts a collection of nine circular, pavilion-like buildings called the ‘house of music’ on its campus.  Set around a piazza, the buildings were designed to be a musical melting pot of sharing and practicing among students. The autonomy of each classroom allows for use of the space all day long.

The central music space between the buildings for small performances. Courtesy of

Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) designed these buildings to be individual elements that have the capability of synthesizing as an orchestra. The design is also intended to mimic string instruments through the use of oak woods on the interior and exterior. The oak wood naturally amplifies the sound of music inside as well.

With a load-bearing masonry structure, the buildings have a high thermal inertia to compliment the amplification of sound. The curved oak also works in conjunction with the ventilated facade for good energy performance and to lessen reverberation.

The interior of one of the nine circular buildings. Courtesy of

Each of the design elements of the music laboratories were chosen with purpose. Each building has a lifted disk roof and varying heights and volumes. This lends to the whimsical and informal feel of the area. Even at night, external lights adorn the buildings as a makeshift ‘lantern’ to inspire musical and social activities.

The buildings have external lights at night to appear as lanterns. Courtesy of

The house of music is intended to be a fusion of music creators and friends in the community. It is to be a meeting place for inspiration and a facilitator of  relationships. The house of music is open to the community as a way to keep the town’s musical roots alive.

-Gracie DiFazio

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