Italian Journal 12: Photographic/Photogenic Released Online


Photographic/Photogenic: Italy as seen through the eyes of a few of the country’s best photographers.

The issue features a stunning album of some of Italy’s most prestigious photographers, as well as some up and coming photographers (in order of appearance in the print edition): Letizia Battaglia, Mimmo Jodice, Franco Fontana, Berengo Gardin, Ferdinando Scianna, Charles H. Traub, Luca Campigotto, Davide Bramante, Andres Peteresen, Maurizio Galimberti, Paola di Bello, Marzia Milgiora, Marina Ballo Charmet, Livio Mancini, Mauro Benedetti, Rochelle Cheever.

Italian Journal Associate Editor Laura Giacalone discusses Charles H. Traub’s book Dolce Via:Italy in the 1980s.  David Lewis examines photographer Frank Dituri’s work and four of fashion’s talented photographers are celebrated. Women and politics, as well as fashion are explored in this issue. Art columnist Gianluca Marziani presents an overview of photographer-artists. And the issue also features an art historical article about the drawings of Callot, by Veronica Marie White.

The issue can be viewed here: The issue is free to IAF members. If you are not an IAF member, you may subscribe to the magazine separately — or join and receive the benefits of both the Foundation and this rich, cultural magazine.



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