IAF co-sponsors the Frate Francesco exhibit in New York City

The New York Times, November 11, 2014.
Article appearing in The New York Times, November 11, 2014.
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Article appearing in The New York Times, Monday 10 November 2014.

As featured in The New York Timesil Corriere della Sera and Panorama, Frate Francesco: Icons, Words, Images opens in New York City at the United Nations November 17, 2014 and at the Brooklyn Borough Hall from December 2, 2014. The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. is a proud sponsor of this unique cultural opportunity, along with several prestigious sponsors and patrons.



Frate Francesco – Friar Francis: signs, words, images is a landmark exhibition in its presentation of numerous 12th and 13th-century documents, papal bulls and manuscripts in New York, the first time these precious objects will travel outside Italy in 700 years.  The exhibit is a revised version of the one which first appeared at the Camera dei Deputati, Rome, and brings to light numerous artifacts of exceptional historical and artistic value. This presentation heralds the visit of Pope Francis, a devoted Franciscan, to New York in 2015, and its venue at the United Nations is of further significance, as Saint Francis continues to inspire compassion, dialogue, and humility.

“St. Francis was a man, a saint, of the people, who truly stood with those who are the least every day…We can see Pope Francis exemplified in his trace, as he puts into practice every day his advocacy for the marginalized and the disadvantaged….This exhibition’s arrival in New York will give Americans the chance to know the history and the spirituality of St. Francis, and the chance to be inspired.”

Ken Hackett, the United States ambassador to the Vatican
The New York Times, November 10, 2014


Concert in Honor of the Frate Francesco exhibition
November 24, 2014 at 8 p.m.

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Exhibition Dates:
November 17 – 28, United Nations, New York
December 2 – January 14, Brooklyn Borough Hall
March 28 – May 30 2015, Salone Papale, Basilica Superiore di San Francesco in Assisi

For more information, please go to FrateFrancescoNYC.com.