Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels Come to Italian TV

The bestselling novels of Italian author Elena Ferrante are set to come to life in a 32-part television series directed by Saverio Costanzo. The series, entitled “The Neapolitan Novels”, is based on the four-part book series of the same name. Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels were published between 2012 and 2015 and follow the lives of two friends from their childhood in post-World War II Naples to present day. The series, originally written in Italian, has developed a cult following internationally after […]

Washington D.C. Hosts Della Robbia Retrospective

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. is hosting an exhibit featuring three generations of work from the famed Della Robbia family of Italian sculptors. From now until June 5th, visitors can admire the signature terra cotta sculptures of Luca Della Robbia and his proteges, Andrea and Giovanni. Born in Florence in the 15th century, Della Robbia is credited with developing the technique of terra cotta invetriata, or glazed, which he eventually passed down to his nephew, Andrea, and […]

New York and Los Angeles to Celebrate Italian Design Day

New York and Los Angeles join over 100 other cities around the world in celebrating Italian Design Day, Thursday, March 2. Initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Italian Design Day promotes Italian design at foreign offices across the world. Well-known Italian architects, critics, designers, journalists, academics, and entrepreneurs serve as “ambassadors”, participating in panels on the rich history and […]

Italian Embassy Hosts Digital Diplomacy Series in Washington, D.C.

Since 2012, the Italian Embassy has partnered with the Italian diplomatic network in the United States to put on a Digital Diplomacy series as a way to evaluate social media platforms through foreign policy topics. The panel discussion this year was held on February 13th and specifically focused on the intersection between the news and the internet in light of the recent “fake news” phenomenon. Foreign affairs have inevitably been impacted by the surge of communication offered by social media […]

Italian Police Recover 14 Paintings from Mafia

Italian police have recovered 14 paintings, including one Salvador Dalí, from the collection of Gioacchino Campolo, an Italian businessman and convicted criminal with known mafia ties. Police found the first painting, which depicted Jesus healing a blind man, after following a search warrant to a home in Reggio Calabria. A crosscheck of the Italian database of stolen cultural properties indicated that the painting had been stolen from Randazzo, Sicily in 2011. The search then led police to an apartment in […]

Palermo Named Italian Capital of Culture 2018

After a long evaluation of ten competitive candidates, a jury appointed by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism voted Palermo, the capital of Sicily, as the Italian Capital of Culture 2018. This coveted title, which spans the duration of one year, serves to promote tourism in the city through various economic benefits – including an award of €1 million.   According to Professor Stefano Baia Curioni, who heads the decision committee, all of the candidates for this year’s title […]

The Venus of Botticelli to fly to the States

The Venus of Botticelli, c. 1485-90, from the Savoy Gallery in Turin, flies to the US to participate to the exhibition “Botticelli and the Search fot the Divine: Florentine Painting between the Medici and the Bonfires on the Vanities”.  It will be her first time in the USA: the exhibition opens at the Muscarelle Museum on Feb. 11, 2017, and run through April 6. It will open to the public in Boston on April 18 and close on July 9. The […]

Italy moves to punish vandals of cultural heritage sites

Italy has become vulnerable as the acts of vandalism against monuments and cultural heritage in the Italian cities of art seem to have multiplied in recent years. January 23, 2017 was the latest affront: the victim was the Colosseum. Staff at the site had a shock to deal with, in the form of graffiti on one of the columns close to the entrance. During previous night, drunk tourists scaled a four meter gate in an attempt to enter the historic monument’s interior off hours – a stunt […]

Italian comedic director Risi subject of Retrospective at the MoMA

Dino Risi (1916–2008) is considered one of the fathers of Italian comedy. Born 100 years ago on December 23, he is the subject of a major retrospective in his honor at the Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, Rome (December 14 until January 6, 2017). At his best, Risi was a caricaturist in the vein of Honoré Daumier, using exaggerated grotesqueries to sweeten the bitterness of his social satire. His films are populated by a rogue’s gallery of shamelessly loveable […]

Italy votes to change the Constitution: SI or NO?

On December 4, Italians will be called to vote on the constitutional reform promoted by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The citizens will have to decide with a YES or a NO whether to approve the changes to the Constitution. The reform has already been approved by the Italian Parliament, but will only come into force if the referendum succeeds. For this type of consultation is not necessary any type of quorum: whatever will be the turnout, the result will […]