With its distinctive and recognizable dark blue cover, unchanged since its founding in 1949, the Italian Journal features quarterly themed issues on Italian cultural topics. Originally an academic publication focusing a broad array of topics, the magazine now delves into single topics per issue, examining them from all sides. The magazine moves into the general interest sphere under the editorial direction of Claudia Palmira Acunto, who succeeds Gastone Orefice and Vittorio Tesoro in the role of editor-in-chief. The revitalized magazine continues to present Italian thinking and achievement in an updated, richly visual, graphic format appropriate to its subject matter. The magazine is produced by the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to bringing Italian cultural realities to the U.S.


Each issue of our quarterly publication features a single theme that unites a variety of subjects. Past motifs have been: Futurism, Galileo, Design and Caravaggio. In each edition, our esteemed contributors offer a contemplation on aspects of this theme, from philosophical to historical, to artistic and even fashion-minded.

Members of the Italian Academy Foundation receive a year’s subscription to the Italian Journal magazine.