With its well recognized dark blue cover, the Italian Journal was founded in 1949 originally as an academic publication containing essays on Italian cultural, political and sociological ideas, often written by academicians.

Your discovery of authentic Italian culture, points of view and ideas  — this is our focus.

With its same blue cover today, the magazine now moves into the general interest sphere under the editorial direction of Claudia Palmira Acunto, who succeeds Gastone Orefice and Vittorio Tesoro in the role of editor-in-chief. The revitalized magazine continues to present Italian thinking and achievement in an updated, richly visual, graphic format appropriate to its subject matter. The magazine is produced by the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to bringing Italian cultural realities to the U.S.


Each issue of our quarterly publication features a single theme that unites a variety of subjects. Past motifs have been: Futurism, Galileo, Design and Caravaggio. In each edition, our esteemed contributors offer a contemplation on aspects of this theme, from philosophical to historical, to artistic and even fashion-minded.

Members of the Italian Academy Foundation receive a year’s subscription to the Italian Journal magazine.

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Recent News About the Italian Journal

Italian Journal 12: Photographic/Photogenic Released Online

Photographic/Photogenic: Italy as seen through the eyes of a few of the country’s best photographers. The issue features a stunning album of some of Italy’s most prestigious photographers, as well as some up and coming photographers (in order of appearance in the print edition): Letizia Battaglia, Mimmo Jodice, Franco Fontana, Berengo Gardin, Ferdinando Scianna, Charles H. […]


Italian Journal 11: Cultural Re-Generation Released Online

Cultural Re-Generation celebrates Italy’s current innovation and creativity in the realms of art, science and entrepreneurship. This issue proudly features author Tim Parks, who discusses translating Zibaldone, Leopardi’s collection of personal philosophy. Italian rockers and contemporary composers are cataloged by Diego Carmignani and Federico Capitoni, respectively. Alberto Onetti investigates the challenges faced by new Italian businesses in “The Wake […]


Latest Italian Journal: CINEMATIC ITALY

Cinematic Italy is the title of the latest edition of the Italian Journal, which is now online. Our topic is a beloved one, and our talented contributors have covered topics from contemporary auteurs, film history, Italy as the “set”, film festivals and more. The Face File column features Roberto Benigni, and the Social Journal captures […]


Gianluca Marziani is the new art columnist for Italian Journal

The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. is very pleased to announce that the Italian art critic Gianluca Marziani is the new curator of the Italian Journal’s Art Column. His expertise in visual arts and his talent in scouting and giving voice to the most avant-garde personalities in the Italian contemporary art scene, while keeping an eye […]

Italian Journal 6: Contemporary

Italian Journal 6: “Contemporary” – now online and in print

The theme of the new issue of Italian Journal magazine is Italian contemporary art. Exploring the state of art, artists and the art business of the Peninsula, this edition features articles from Gianluca Marziani, Walter Santaga and Veronica Marie White, as well as interviews with Bice Curiger and the Consul General of Italy in New […]

Italian Journal : Risorgimento Reflected

Italian Journal : Risorgimento Reflected now online

In honor of Italy’s 150th birthday this year, the latest issue of the Italian Journal focuses on the Risorgimento. In a stunning array of articles covering all aspects of Italian history––political, artistic, gastronomic, athletic and social––this issue also contains the work of photographer Armin Linke. In the Social Section, pictures from the IAF 150th Birthday […]