Our Foundation is blessed by its rather simple and informal fundraising program.

We depend purely upon the volition of friends who have proved to very thoughtful and generous and have kept us moving forward these many years. We do not have paid solicitation staff nor do we hold fundraising dinners or raffles or contests. We hold with the format we have and hope that the spirit moves friends to donate to the IAF. We trust that our concerts inspire support, as should the knowledge that we are helping young artists and their chosen art forms stay alive! Enough said, except perhaps, “ thank you,” in advance.

All contributions are tax deductible.

Membership benefits:

  • Premium access to all IAF events and concerts
  • Complimentary tickets to many of the IAF Concerts each year
  • Invitations to afterparties and receptions
  • Subscription to the Italian Journal magazine for one year
  • Priority reservations for IAF Travel


You may pay using your Visa or Mastercard online using Secure Paypal form, just click the button below.

Benefactor: $1,000 donation annually
Patron: $750 donation annually
Donor: $350 donation annually
Friend: $100 donation annually


New York +1 914 966 3180 ext. 126
Rome +39 06 325 05490

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Checks may be made payable to The Italian Academy Foundation, Inc.

Italian Academy Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 9001
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